Franklin County Cemetery Listings
                                                             Cemeteries are listed by Townships
    Bath Township     Blooming Grove Township      Brookville Township     Butler Township 
     Fairfield Township      Highland Township     Laurel Township      Metamora Township 
   Posey Township      Ray Township      Salt Creek Township     Springfield Township 
     Whitewater Township        Unknown Township 
   Dearborn County     Decatur County    Rush County     Union County 

 I would like to thank all the people who put the original lists together.The original lists are on file at the Brookville Library and
 The Indiana State Library. Every attempt is being made to post listings without error. All listings have been updated as the
 cemeteries were re-read. Re-reading of the cemeteries will be a long process, some of the cemeteries have been victims
 to vandals, some were moved during the lake construction in the 1970's all cemeteries posted have been re-read. There are 193 cemeteries in Franklin County,
 other cemetery listings can be found at The Franklin County GenWeb Pages.Other cemetery record were donated by the above libraries. Please feel free to e-mail me for comments,
  or if you would like to submitt any information . Kris Bain Fall 1998

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