Dickerson Cemetery
The Dickerson Cemetery was moved to the New Fairfield Cemetery  during the lake construction. The listing is very poor. I have looked in 3 different libraries, this is the only listing I can find. Dickerson Cemetery is known as
Cemetery # 7 in the New Fairfield Cemetery.

Ruth Colescott        Died   1877
John Dickerson       Born    1812
7 unmarked graves
John Dickerson       No Dates
John G. Dickerson   Died  1841
Caroline Dickerson   Died  1839
John F, Dickerson    Died   1882

                                                        Gant Cemetery
       Name   Birth  or Age            Death          Notes
 John Gant   30yrs 10months 14days   Jan 24, 1867 s/o Larkin & Elizabeth Gant
 Elizabeth Gant   Aug 4, 1797   May 17, 1856 w/o Larkin Gant
 Larkin Gant  Oct 27, 1796   Sept 21, 1872
 Charles Gant    May 18, 1861  May 22, 1861 s/o George & Mary Gant
                                           The cemetery is located in Whitewater Township

                                                           Sater Cemetery
      Name     Birth  or  Age         Death          Notes
  Timothy Roberts     63yrs   Aug 1, 1856
    Catherine Branin     March 4, 1862  w/o Henry Branin 
       The cemetery is located, about 1/3 mile east of Drewsburg Pike and 1/4 miles south of  McNally Rd. In

                                                         Sater Cemetery
         Name    Birth   or  Age              Death            Notes
  Rebecca Sater  Jan 27, 18_____ d/o John and Rebecca
  Arminda  Sater   29yrs 7months 24days    July 17, 1841 w/o John Sater
   Edward Sater   6months 19days      July 22, 1840
     The Cemetery is located on the northside of McNally Road east of Drewersburg Road.  Whitewater Township

                                                           Stoops Farm
         Name               Birth               Death 
  Amos Martin    Oct 17, 1809   May 9, 1848
  Amos W. Martin     March 9, 1838   Sept 9, 1839
  John C. Martin    July 28, 1834   Sept 19, 1845
 George Martin    Oct 26, 1835   Feb 22, 1847
  Johanna ______   Feb 23, 1845  Sept  19, 1845
                              The cemetery is located in Brookville Township, south of Levee Road

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