McKendric Cemetery
          Name            Birth         Death            Notes
  Mary Crawley  W/o Joseph Crawley
  unable to read stone
  William Fields   Sept 5, 1835   Sept 6, 1914
  William P. Swift   Oct 30, 1819   Jan 13, 18___
  Mary Ann Swift   Jan 16, 1819  Nov 3, 1890
  Joseph Crawley   Dec 22, 1810   Jan 31, 1888
  James Crawley   84yrs 10months 4days   Dec 21,1871
  John P. Ernest  Nov 20, 1842   Oct 22, 1908
 John G.or C. Hagen   Sept 27, 1811   May 4, 1891
 William Wiggins   1840  Pvt. Lott's Co, Penroses
 Pa. Regt. Rev. Was
  Ama Hannah    2yr 10months 4days  Nov 20, 1851 d/o George & Mary
 Mary E. Stant  April 23, 1860  w/o James
 Nanct A. Crawley d/o M. & L. or S.
 stone broken and very hard to  read 
 Law. Chapman  unable to read stone 
 Mary Chapman
 Catherine Chapman d/o M & L Chapman
 Mahala Wright  stone broken  w/o A.D. Wright
  ___ Wright  Co. B 139th Ind Inf Civil War Marker
 3 field stones 
 5stones, writting worn away
 3 unmarkes graves
  Cemetery is located in Metamora Township, 3.3 miles northeast of Metamora on McGuire Ridge road. Cemetery
   was re-read on April 15, 1998. 5 stones additional stones were found and added to oringial list, 4 stones have
   been moved and are leaning against the fence.


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